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Recognition from DOD Joint Task Force Capital Medical Region



Dear Charles,


As I finish my tenure at Joint Task Force National Capital Region Medical I wanted to take time to express my gratitude to you and Expertech Solutions. Over the 17 months I have been the Chief of Staff I have come to appreciate how revolutionary the Department's vision is. The Secretary of Defense has assigned V ADM John Mateczun with a unique mission with enormous potential and promise to improved effectiveness and control costs for the medical mission.


Thank you for high quality work on the JTF's strategic imperatives and the framework for the first ever Joint Force Command for the medical function. You and Dr. Fred Cecere, MD, provided thought leadership products of exceptional clarity for the roadmap leading from mission statement to strategies and then onto operations and tactics. Your concepts of Posture; Mission Enterprise Architecture and Mission Performance Reference Model, among others, helped the Commander formulate more effective ways to address Army, Navy and Air Force culture within the framework of integrated operations.


Over these many months I have come to appreciate how much work it takes to think and act in new ways. You and Dr. Cecere provided great value to the command by applying your intellect and meticulously engineering new structures, functions, governance, relationships, duties, performance references and measures for an age old mission. Nothing can be more important than providing world class care and caring for those healing heroes who were wounded in battle.


I am grateful for your support of current operations in bringing new technology to pre-hospital contingency management and responsiveness aspect of the Commander's mission. The NCR is like no other place in the continental United States; it is a place-symbol of American strengthen and stability. There is no other Joint Force Commander charged with crafting a unified medical contingency response capability. We have not forgotten the lessons learned in how the DoD medical assets responded to the terrorist jet-bomb attack on the Pentagon and on Anthrax attack on Members of Congress in 2001. I thank you for assisting us bring ground-level patient tracking and monitoring capabilities to our joint operational center. The 2010 Capital Shield Exercise proved advanced information technology can be brought to street level giving the Commander nearly real-time situational awareness of events on the ground. Thank you for continuing to develop the concept into useful day to day operations. Your assistance is helping all involved look past installation of novel software toward new operational capabilities that achieve mission objectives that adhere to the enduring operational principles of training as you fight and fighting as you train.


I will be moving onto my next assignment shortly but I know I will continue to benefit from you and your company's forward ways thinking because of your ongoing work for the US Air Force Surgeon General. I look forward to learning more about how the Air Force Surgeon General can achieve goals critical to shaping the future by acting on the understanding of posture, strategy, operations and tactics. Until we have the good fortune to meet again, I wish you clear skies and smooth air.




Chief of Staff