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Keeping pace with emerging technologies to best serve our clients.

More data, more integration, more demands! Keeping up with the rapid pace of technology can be difficult. But it doesn’t have to be.


As a leader in technology, Afilon has helped organizations bring their technology up to date. People expect greater access, faster response times and instant feedback. We can help.


Afilon’s footprints can be found in assessments of Commercial off the Shelf (COTS) applications or the design and development of mobile applications. We implement solutions - from the simple to the complex - that are flexible and consider short-term needs and long-term requirements.


The Afilon Technology Lab (ATL) offers clients a central facility to oversee the selection of new tools and emerging technologies. The ATL provides economies of scale to test technologies in different environments.


Our teams of technologists have the ‘know how’ and experience to design, build and test prototypes and prepare products for integration. We create and inspect innovative products to meet stringent standards – ensuring that technologies meet client expectations and public demands.


The ATL also hosts Afilon sponsored research to solve critical problems for our clients, through our Innovations Group.


  • Core IT Services
    • System Administration
    • Network Engineering
    • Desktop Support
  • Centralized Product Selection, Remediation, Testing, Integration
  • Technology Assessments – Are you up to date?
  • App Development for Static/Mobile Platforms\
  • SharePoint & Website Development/Management
  • Afilon Sponsored Research & Development
  • Architecture and Infrastructure/Hosting Support




  Contact: Walter Vera

  wvera (at)

  (202) 459-9024