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Our Interview Process  

We are seeking to understand how you aspire for excellence, solve challenging problems, collaborate with others and hold yourself accountable.  In order to assess your fit, our interviews are comprised of two components: The experiential component and the case study component.      


The Experiential Interview Component


This component is an opportunity for you to share your past experiences, challenges, and accomplishments in depth.  During this process, we will ask you to highlight a specific experience, focusing on your specific role in the experience and  describing the main actions you took that were critical to success. In this process, we are looking to understand what matters to you, how you confront and resolve challenges, and what you learn from those experiences.  


The Case Interview Component


This component helps us assess your common sense, technical experience, leadership, and comfort with ambiguity. In this component, we will ask you to solve a specific problem, and you will gain insight into our challenges because these cases represent real client engagements or corporate challenges we have faced in the past. We will ask you to organize your thoughts and present an approach at solving the case. Your answers should project clear thinking, practical judgment and a professional demeanor. Remember we will be evaluating your ability to think through a problem, rather than your specific technical skills or subject matter knowledge.


A typical interview will include both the experiential component and the case study component.  At the end of the interview, you will also have the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about the people who work at Afilon and what its like to work with us.

We are an Equal Opportunity employer. Applicants must be able to pass a background investigation.

Interested applicants should submit resume to: