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Afilon provides clients strategy, systems engineering, innovation and program support services across a variety of domains.



We become an ally to our clients to understand their greatest strategic challenges and environmental pressures. By refocusing our client’s efforts around their mission, we provide new ways for our clients to meet, measure, communicate and continuously improve their business goals and objectives. 

Systems Engineering

We support business transformation and modernization by assessing current operations to understand our client’s ability to meet their mission. We design solutions, analyze alternatives, and help our clients implement business processes and technical solutions to ensure immediate and long term needs are met.


Our Afilon-sponsored research is our way of investing in the solutions of the future. Our R&D lab is fertile ground for innovation as we never cease to listen to our client’s needs. Their challenges provide the direction of our innovation to provide new and better processes, products, IT systems and ideas. 

Program Support

Our team provides the personnel and skills to run your programs at maximum efficiency with the utmost benefit to your clients and stakeholders.