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Business Transformation  

Modernizing operations to address massive reform efforts.

New programs, exacting performance metrics and transparency requirements are forcing organizations to look closely at how they execute their missions.


As a leader in business transformation, Afilon has helped modernize federal agencies and organizations who needed to incorporate new requirements or address extensive reform efforts. Remember filing taxes on paper? Afilon was a key consultant supporting the Internal Revenue Service’s Restructuring and Reform Act of 1998. Now you can file online.


Reforms require studies into current operations to understand how things are done today and how they can be done differently – more efficiently, embracing new programs and modified missions. We understand that when challenges arise, it is not only the technology, but also business processes that require updating. We leverage our experience in strategy, systems engineering and technology to execute a holistic approach to transformation.


Afilon’s footprints can be found in speedy tax returns, precise air force jets, and command and control operations for emergency response. We create architecture designs that are flexible and consider short-term needs and long-term requirements. We also ensure that other vendors align services and solutions into the new architecture.

  • Federal and commercial IT Transformation
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • CONOPS Development
  • Standards and Policy Development
  • Interoperability Design & Testing
  • Mission Critical Acquisitions
  • Information Sharing & Collaboration
  • Operations, Maintenance, & Enhancement
  • Enterprise Lifecycle Independent Verification & Validation (IV&V)

There’s nothing worse than transforming your business and getting the same results. We deliver services that perform validation testing (IV&V) to double check contractor and vendor claims. We design our tests to meet the highest standards – ensuring that products and services meet client expectations and public demands.




  Contact: Walter Vera

  wvera (at)

  (202) 459-9024



[Afilon] played a key role in the overall project and were major contributors...This effort constitutes one of the most important of Enterprise Architecture maintenance activities…and is one that will impact the future direction of the IRS transformation and modernization efforts… Over the years [Afilon] has proven to be an exemplary and loyal consultant to the IRS modernization efforts.  

Daniel C. Horsey,
Dir. of Enterprise Architecture,