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Improving the fairness and effectiveness of existing electoral systems to eliminate fraud and increase citizen confidence.

With citizens concerned about voter fraud around the world, countries are moving to reform their electoral systems to increase citizen confidence.


Afilonís expertise in transformation and anti-corruption enables Afilonís engineers and scientists to help countries plan and execute their elections, modernize their systems and integrate new technologies to ensure ballots are tallied, reported and properly secured. We support clients by analyzing their existing systems and providing recommendations for improvement.


Our team uses state of the art technologies to guarantee consistency, accuracy, verifiability, transparency and security in the election process. Afilonís Election Processing System transmits, counts, aggregates and provides on-demand display of results. Other software tools to authenticate and maintain voter registration and systems to store information from prior electoral events to support observer planning.


Afilon assists nations to:
  • Contribute to citizen confidence and encourage participation in the electoral process.
  • Eliminate fraud and other forms of manipulation.
  • Provide assessments of registries and concrete solutions for improvements.

  • Deployment of Electoral Systems
  • Electoral Planning & Management Support
  • Modernization of Electoral Systems
  • Electoral Observations

We streamline processes and work-flows, validate results and implement quality control mechanisms to give nations, leaders and voters confidence in electoral operations.




  Contact: Walter Vera

  wvera (at)

  (202) 459-9024



Past Performance

We supported the Latin American Electoral Commission and the Organization of American States to train officials and democratic leaders, verify and conduct audits of the election process, clean and develop registries and computing systems. We have experience throughout the Americas and even assisted Peru in a controversial Presidential election, which, based on our recommendation, nullified the reelection of President Alberto Fujimori.