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Letter of Recommendation for [Afilon] from Dan Horsey, IRS Director of Enterprise Architecture




I hereby would like to commend [Afilon] for the support it has provided to the IRS Business System Modernization and Enterprise Architecture. Over the years [Afilon] has proven to be an exemplary and loyal consultant to the IRS modernization efforts. Some of its accomplishments in IRS modernization projects are represented below:


1. The Submission and Settlement Harvesting Project (SSHP), which seeks to determine how to improve the submission and settlement of tax returns. During SSHP, the [Afilon] was part of a team that identified redesign opportunities in the processing of individual tax returns and tax return data, harvested the business rule sets for the processes, and developed a conceptual architecture that supports the redesigned processes. [Afilon] played a key role in the overall project and were major contributors in the analysis of the processes and rule sets of two key and very complex applications: Issues and Case Management; and Notices. This effort constitutes one of the most important of EA maintenance activities at the IRS, and is one that will impact the future direction of the IRS transformation and modernization efforts.


2.  [Afilon]ís role was also essential in chartering MeF, one of most successful and visible IRS modernization projects, and in brining MeF into EA compliance. MeF started as a Tier B Project and had not undergone the rigors of becoming EA chartered and of being subject of EA and engineering reviews required of Tier A Projects. After completion of release one, when MeF was elevated to a Tier One, [Afilon] was responsible for developing its EA charter, and managing the development and implementation of a get-well plan to bring the MeF in compliance with the IRS Enterprise Architecture. These activities required [Afilon] to identify the areas of non-compliance, identify compliant solutions, socialize the findings, and obtain buy-in and commitment from multiple and diverse stakeholders regarding the get-well plan and its implementation.

These examples illustrate the contribution of [Afilon] to the IRS and Enterprise Architecture. I have found [Afilon]ís work to be exemplary, and its staff to be knowledgeable, current, dependable, and able to work in a professional and suitable manner under pressure and within short deadlines. It is with great pleasure that I recognize [Afilon]ís contributions to the IRS modernization program and strongly recommend their professional capabilities.

Daniel C. Horsey
Director of Enterprise Architecture
Internal Revenue Service