Seaport-e Contract  

Team Members Capabilities/Experience

BAE Systems Inc. (BAE)

Technical Capability:

BAE Systems Support Solutions provides a wide range of services in engineering, systems integration, ship repair, and readiness & sustainment for military and commercial customers throughout the product lifecycle, anywhere around the world.

Tasking (related to Afilon's Seaport Contract): 

Provide professional business analysis, advisory and assistance support services to the Department of Defense Task Force Business and Stability Operations (TFBSO) in Afghanistan

Functional Area(s): 

Analysis of Business Management Processes–Provide analysis of contracting business management processes and conduct analysis of current CONUS -based information systems requirements for applicability to contingency operations.   Assist in the assessment of commercial product applicability for world-wide contingency environment.  Assist in matching U.S. Government requirements to commercially available technologies where practicable.

Analysis of Economic and Business Processes - Provide advisory and assistance to the Task Force on economic development and business processes.  Align subject matter experts (SMEs) with teams supporting industrial sector assessments. The SMEs, for short duration assignments, shall focus on specific industrial sectors within Iraq and Afghanistan and other countries worldwide as directed.

Operational Development and Implementation Support for Business Processes and Services - provide development and implementation support to the following core activities:

   Training Support (including development and utilization of curricula, equipment, facilities, and training materials)

    Project and Site Management

    Business Process Development.

Analysis of Tribal, Cultural, and Sectarian Issues Impacting Business Relationships support the Task Force in conducting operational analyses of business entities in Iraq and Afghanistan, and other worldwide countries as directed. The analyses shall include assessments of cultural and historical significance of selected business enterprises as well as the tribal, cultural and sectarian influences of the entities’ leaders and participants. The information provided in assessments will assist the Task Force in understanding business relationships of the past and how they might impact future Government and private sector ventures and demand.


Andy Kimbrough


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BAE Systems Inc
The Newcombe Group LLC
Center for Strategic and International Studies
Purple Strategies Inc.

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