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Team Members Capabilities/Experience

Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)

Technical Capability:

A bipartisan, non-profit in Washington, DC, CSIS provides strategic insights and policy solutions to decision-makers through research, analysis, and policy initiatives that anticipate change. The specific technical capabilities that CSIS scholars bring to this sub-contract include:

         On-the-ground experience in and in-depth knowledge of Afghan and Iraqi reconstruction and stability operations;

         Extensive practical experience with and in-depth knowledge of U.S. Government (particularly Department of Defense) contracting processes, Federal Acquisition Regulations, acquisition workforce training and employment, and contract evaluation;

         Significant experience with data management, manipulation, and analysis;

         Demonstrated ability to conduct financial, economic, political-economic, and socio-economic analyses;

         Proven track record of successfully designing and implementing a study methodology that includes extensive literature reviews, development of survey instruments, and interviews with relevant U.S. Government, host-nation government, and businesspeople; and

         Development of practical policy and process recommendations that have proven useful to clients, including the Task Force for Business and Stability Operations.

Tasking (related to Afilon's Seaport Contract):

CSIS is to provide an independent, outside assessment of the impact and effectiveness of Host-Nation First contracting policies in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Functional Area(s):

CSIS is an independent third party assessment team with vast experience in research and development in multiple domains. CSIS also has particularly relevant experience in conducting comprehensive research for, and providing practical recommendations to, the Department of Defense in general and the Task Force for Business and Stability Operations in particular.


Susan Myers


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